About Us

Our Vision

HERMITIAN aims to offer the best of the breed and cutting-edge technology, operating systems for businesses in retail and discrete manufacturing. The system will continually evolve with the adoption of industry best practices, innovation, deep insights, knowledge to be a powerful operating system and yet aims to remain simple and easy to navigate for all users including end customers.

Our Mission

ENON is human-centric state-of-the-art enterprise software. It aims to provide a well-designed product that works for humans and their enterprises and the user is beyond a mere abstract entity. ENON aims to combine a design-led approach that is rooted in human centricity. We believe this balance helps businesses to remain agile in an unpredictable world and yet grow and exceed their limits.

Hermitian Technologies is a unique and one of a kind confluence of technology driven and industry honed professionals. It has Clients across Multiple Industries & Geographies, Focus on Innovation & Technology. A Team with Deep Domain Expertise working with global customers. Proven Track Record having worked with Global Corporations, Small & Medium Scale Enterprises, Including start-up’s.

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