From getting your business online and most importantly integrated, ENON gives you fullcontrol over your business, irrespective of size, at your fingertips with realtime information. ENON scales with your business and ensures your business is always ready. Further it easily integrates all third party systems that your business needs

Ensures control, flexibility and scalability for your business at all times. It ensures your business is online and an integrated enterprise

Annual License Renewal - payable monthly/quarterly or in annual advance. This rate might vary depending on the size, operations and requirements of the customer needs Bespoke customizations are chargeable and the day rates as per the Agreement will apply

ENON offers a host of documentation including step-by-step workflows, knowledge bases, product documentation, implementation plans, Product Usage Guides and many more via ENON’s Online Repository of Support Documents. In case of any conditional support or consulting is need by customer, we are happy to extend our hands for onsite support.

Support is available via phone, email, chat and Co-View during the Indian business hours 9am to 6pm. Currently ENON provides support in the Asian Region including India, Thailand and Singapore. Any support for Non-Asian time zones will be partial or will be during the overlapping hours. Nevertheless customers can email their queries and ENON Support Teams will respond before your next business hour You will be duly notified when ENON extends support to your region

All support currently will be in English Only

ENON does provide support at your business location, which we call as Online Support. All onsite support, beyond the scope of the Agreement, will attract day rates as defined in the ENON agreement

Bespoke customizations are chargeable and the day rates as per the Agreement will apply.

Every business entity or more clearly every GST (for Indian customers) will be treated as a new and separate instance and implemented separately. Further if these instances need to be integrated

ENON is a Cloud based operating system and accessible via any internet browser. It is optimized for internet browsers. Offline versions include desktop and android app for PoS Devices

Data and reports are available in realtime. This is the beauty of ENON! So that you as a business owner don’t need to ask anyone for any data or report. Further more access your ENON instance from anywhere, anytime with an internet connected browser based device

Ajira is hosted on a secure cloud with multiple & redundant layers or encryption and authentication. Further more data backups ensure continuity under any eventualities, unless there is global catastrophic digital failure

Definitely. ENON is a licensed application but the ownership of your data is always the customers. No other entity including ENON (Hermitian Technologies Pvt Ltd or any related or partner entity) can claim any ownership or even access to your data without permission.


ENON systems are built in such a way that no unauthorized personal can access your data.

if you decide to move out of the ENON system, ENON teams will ensure that your data remains confidential during the transition process and will reasonably assist your transition to any other vendor of your choice. The Masters data and records will be made available in Microsoft Excel for easy transitions, after completion of all exit procedures with ENON.

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