ENON – The Ultimate Business Operating System

Are you wondering why it’s ENON BOS – A business operating system not ERP?

Follow us to know the facts – we call BOS!

A comprehensive evaluation shows that ENON Business Operating System (BOS) and implementation methodology outperform traditional ERP systems. ERP reports 67% of the failures in ERP implementation. Sounds Scary?

Here are a few points to consider, why do we refuse to say or label ERP for business, and why do Retail or distribution businesses need ENON?

The world is evolving with agile practices and simplified approaches for complex ERP terminologies and workflows. ENON is a custom-built solution for Industry-specific Retail and distribution. Thus, we made the application as user-friendly as possible by understanding the complexity of the problems and associated costs.

ENON is a cloud-based platform that helps enterprises manage their day-to-day operations, integrating workflows, processes, activities, policies, and procedures for Effective Data Management, Analytics, and Decision Making.

How does ENON make life easy for the Retail and Distribution Industry:

  • ENON values Quality over Quantity. Instead of having 100s of unused features, it focuses on what matters to a particular business and industry it serves
  • It offers users total control to select what they need
  • ENON is cloud-based and easy to access from anywhere without expensive hardware
  • A proven & practical implementation methodology makes a project successful. SaaS vendors follow ad-hoc or no methodology, whereas ERP vendors follow legacy methodologies.

Some of the unified benefits if your ENON user:

  • ENON is a cloud-based platform – where users can log in and work from anywhere in the world.
  • We are more than just an order management system. We provide warehouse management, inventory management, and CRM tools as well.
  • Our ENON platform helps Omnichannel retailers manage all processes related to their orders and shipping in a single place.
  • Safety is the first priority – High Data security is the top priority for us
  • To make implementation quicker and easier, self-guided user manuals and basic setup instructions will be provided
  • We provide Plug and play integration for Shopify, WooCommerce, logistics partners and payment gateways, and much more.
  • A complete Automation of sales order processing from getting orders to invoicing that includes E-way and E-invoices.
  • Most complex Unit of measures conversions into the simplest form of update in items cards
  • Although there are plenty of useful reports like sales dashboard, dead stock reports you can also prepare your own report using Dynamic reports if there is any additional information needed.

I could go on and on. You can get a complete demo of ENON as a whole Business Operating System (BOS) by calling us.

See you soon with the new blog.

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