ENON promotion functionality

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Enon promotion functionality

Why you should run promotions?

At first, it might look like offering coupons and deals is a non-profitable behavior that eats into profits from your business. If it were true it would be a terrible mistake. In reality, what really happens is, your business gains from sales promotions just as much as your customers.

What considerations you should make before running promotions?

  • Lower your risk & make a profit: A balanced approach to promotions taking into account the profits, revenue the company is making, minimizes risk to your company. In other terms, as long as you’re not offering, outrageous deals that is not sustainable for your business, your promos are likely to create profits due to volume of goods sold.
  • Retain customers : You could use sales promotions to retain your customers and increase their satisfaction in your business.
  • Eliminates dead stock: Promotions are great way to reduce dead stock, and free up working capital.


If promotional strategies are played right there is no doubt that ENON-promotion-functionality Will Make You Tons Of Cas

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