• . A  payments journal means the amount which will be payable to the vendor/supplier against the credit purchase of goods and services from them.
  • A payment journal, also called a cash disbursement journal, is a cash record of all transactions paid with cash by a firm.
  • The payments journal tracks all credit transactions to cash, meaning all cash payments made by the firm that decrease the balance in the cash account.
  • In this both credit and debit transaction are recorded.

Step 1: Go to finance >>AP >> payment journal.

Step 2: Hit on (+) button.

Step 3: select the vendor from search box and then add the payment method.

Step 4: Once you click on Show All then the lines will be displaying just give application amount then click save.

Step 5: Hit on charge tab then click on (+).


Step 6: Code come from Administrator >> account charges

Step 7: Once click on Add then from drop down select post then click on Go.

Step 8: check and confirm the details then click on post.

Step 9:once posted you will get conformation msg.

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