Sales Quotation: A sales quote is a document that tells a potential client how much your product or service will cost.

Steps 1: Go to Sales>>Orders>>Sales Quote

Step 2: Hit on New (+) to create new Quotation

  • Select the prefix for the order
  • Select the Customer name, Location Code

By clicking on (+) button user can add item /service item in line level.

Select the item from the pop up. Enter the QTY ,price and line discounts if any. Click on “Enter” Key or “SAVE” button.

Check the GST, SGST or IGST for an item or customer

  • Select SEND FOR APPROVAL from the dropdown and click on GO.
  • Select APPROVAL from the dropdown and click on GO to approve the document.
  • Once Approved you can directly convert it into Sales order

After selecting Convert to Sales order, select the prefix for creating new Sales order

After selecting prefix to the sales order you can see a pop-up message

After converting from Sales Quotation to Sales Order you can see the Document in Sales order

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